Our Services

Commercial & Office Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Washroom Services

Garden Maintenance & External Area Cleaning

Window Cleaning (Traditional & Waterfed System)

Waste Management (Refuse and Fluorescent Lamps)

Letting / End of Tenancy Cleans

Oven Cleaning

Additional Services

Rotary Carpet Shampoo

Carpet Cleaning Services & Maintenance


Floor Care Services & Maintenance - including oscillating floor cleaning


Computer & Telephone Sanitising


Pest Control


Consumable Products - paper, soap, chemicals, machinery


Good Business Relationship

We believe and endeavour to provide our customers with the highest standard of service. Therefore, due to the confidence in our services, we offer a 12 month contract period.

This has lead to many customers renewing their custom year after year and requesting other site locations to be serviced also.

If we can not fulfill your requirements, simply provide us with a 60 day notice period. 

How Your Money Is Spent

How and where is YOUR money spent when aquiring a service provider. Our estimates provide a fully exposed layout for;


1. How our trained staff members are paid fairly and equally

2. The cost of Holiday Entitlement pay for staff members

3. The cost of materials, products and machinery required at your premises

4. The charges for our administration, insurances, uniform, inspections and training


Providing our customers to see all of the above,  reassures that GLC Cleaning ltd is a business of honesty, trustworthyness and has their best interests at the heart of our proposal.